Tricia Sterner

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The anticodon-independent aminoacylation of RNA hairpin helices that reconstruct tRNA acceptor stems has been demonstrated for at least 10 aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. For Escherichia coli cysteine tRNA synthetase, the specificity of aminoacylation of the acceptor stem is determined by the U73 nucleotide adjacent to the amino acid attachment site. Because(More)
The tertiary nucleotides at positions 15 and 48 in a tRNA establish non-Watson-Crick hydrogen interactions that connect the dihydrouridine (D) loop with the variable loop and stabilize the "L"-shaped tRNA structure. Although the majority of tRNAs have G15.C48 or A15.U48, all of the 16 possible nucleotide pairs at positions 15 and 48 can be found in the(More)
The U8:A14 tertiary base pair of transfer RNAs (tRNAs) stabilizes the sharp turn from the acceptor stem to the dihydrouridine stem. This tertiary base pair is important for the overall L-shaped tRNA structure. Inspection of tRNA sequences shows that U8:A14 is highly conserved. However, variations of U8:A14 are found in natural sequences. This raises the(More)
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