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In long-term marrow cultures, proliferation and differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells occurs for several months. Normally, only the most primitive erythroid progenitor cells are produced (the BFU-E). Following treatment with anemic mouse serum (AMS) or normal mouse serum plus erythropoietin, the BFU-E mature into CFU-E, which then go to produce mature(More)
The Ketogenic diet (KD) is an effective treatment with regards to treating pharmaco-resistant epilepsy. However, there are difficulties around compliance and tolerability. Consequently, there is a need for refined/simpler formulations that could replicate the efficacy of the KD. One of the proposed hypotheses is that the KD increases cellular mitochondrial(More)
Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles of the cell, generating ATP via oxidative phosphorylation mainly by using pyruvate derived from glycolytic processing of glucose. Ketone bodies generated by fatty acid oxidation can serve as alternative metabolites for aerobic energy production. The ketogenic diet, which is high in fat and low in(More)
The GLUT4 glucose transporter is primarily expressed in skeletal muscle, heart and adipose tissue, where its expression is postnatal, coincident with the acquisition of insulin-regulated glucose transport. In muscle, contraction also regulates GLUT4 activity in the postnatal animal. Here we demonstrate that GLUT4 is expressed in the developing mouse embryo(More)
The activities of the enzymes of heme biosynthesis (except protoporphyrin oxidase) have been followed during the induction of Friend cells in culture. All the enzyme activities increased after induction with dimethyl sulfoxide. The activities of the intermediate enzymes were much higher than those of delta-aminolevulinate synthase [succinyl-CoA:glycine(More)
Induction of globin gene expression in KMOE cells derived from a patient with acute erythremia was studied by Northern blot and S1 analysis. KMOE cells exposed to cytosine arabinofuranoside (Ara-C) synthesized beta-globin gene transcripts, however, in the presence of hemin gamma-globin gene transcripts. An increase in alpha-globin gene transcripts was also(More)
OBJECTIVE The medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) ketogenic diet contains both octanoic (C8) and decanoic (C10) acids. The diet is an effective treatment for pharmacoresistant epilepsy. Although the exact mechanism for its efficacy is not known, it is emerging that C10, but not C8, interacts with targets that can explain antiseizure effects, for example,(More)
The ketogenic diet (KD), a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet, has shown some efficacy in the treatment of certain types of tumors such as brain tumors and neuroblastoma. These tumors are characterized by the Warburg effect. Because renal cell carcinoma (RCC) presents similar energetic features as neuroblastoma, KD might also be effective in the treatment of(More)