Trias Thireou

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BACKGROUND Dynamic positron emission tomography studies produce a large amount of image data, from which clinically useful parametric information can be extracted using tracer kinetic methods. Data reduction methods can facilitate the initial interpretation and visual analysis of these large image sequences and at the same time can preserve important(More)
An algorithm called Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Networks (BLSTM) for processing sequential data is introduced. This supervised learning method trains a special recurrent neural network to use very long ranged symmetric sequence context using a combination of nonlinear processing elements and linear feedback loops for storing long-range context. The(More)
Insect odorant binding proteins (OBPs) are the first components of the olfactory system to encounter and bind attractant and repellent odors emanating from various sources for presentation to olfactory receptors, which trigger relevant signal transduction cascades culminating in specific physiological and behavioral responses. For disease vectors,(More)
A preliminary study is presented on the potential role of similarity mapping (SM) in the evaluation of oncological dynamic 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography studies, mainly in lesion localisation and detectability. Similarity maps were calculated using previously described (correlation coefficient (COR) and normalised correlation(More)
The explosive growth of the bioinformatics field has led to a large amount of data and software applications publicly available as web resources. However, the lack of persistence of web references is a barrier to a comprehensive shared access. We conducted a study of the current availability and other features of primary bioinformatics web resources (such(More)
Due to the complex nature of the protein-folding problem, the numerous attempts of de novo protein design have not lead to a major success. Therefore, more 'realistic' approaches have become accepted towards protein engineering, in order to acquire novel functions (DeGrado W. Indeed there is no need to design a protein sequence from scratch to do protein(More)
The pharmacophoric concept plays an important role in ligand-based drug design methods to describe the similarity and diversity of molecules, and could also be exploited as a molecular representation scheme. A three-point pharmacophore method was used as a molecular representation perception. This procedure was implemented for dopamine antagonists of the(More)
An important stage in macromolecular crystallography is that of phase extension and refinement when initial phase estimates are available from isomorphous replacement or anomalous scattering or other methods. For this purpose, an alternative method called the twin variables (TwiV) method has been proposed. The algorithm is based on alternately transferring(More)
The analysis of dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) studies provides clinically useful parametric information, but often requires complex and time-consuming compartmental or non-compartmental techniques. Independent component analysis (ICA), a statistical method used for feature extraction and signal separation, is applied to dynamic PET studies to(More)
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