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Name of the publication Conjugate function method for numerical conformal mappings Abstract We present a method for numerical computation of conformal mappings from simply or doubly connected domains onto so-called canonical domains, which in our case are rectangles or annuli. The method is based quadrilaterals. Several numerical examples are given.
e p a r t me nt o f M a t h e ma t i c s a nd S y s t e ms A na l y s i s H a r mo ni c s h e a r s o f s l i t a nd p o l y g o na l ma p p i ng s S a mi na t h a n P o nnus a my , T r i Q ua c h , A nt t i R a s i l a Name of the publication Harmonic shears of slit and polygonal mappings Abstract. In this paper, we study harmonic mappings by using the(More)
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