Tri Nur Kristina

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CONTEXT There has been an increase in the number of medical schools implementing community-based educational (CBE) programmes. However, there are doubts whether CBE programmes are appropriately implemented. As a case study, the CBE programme of the Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University (MFDU) in Semarang, Indonesia was evaluated. OBJECTIVES To acquire(More)
RATIONALE The availability of a framework for the definition of generic objectives for community-based education (CBE) programmes may assist in the rational design of objectives for specific CBE programmes. STRATEGY Factors impacting on community health from the perspective of a developing country were collected. Potential assistance from medical students(More)
INTRODUCTION A framework for the definition of generic objectives for community-based education (CBE) was developed for undergraduate medical programmes, particularly for developing countries. To probe the validity of the set of CBE objectives generated by this approach, opinions from a wider audience were sought. METHOD Questionnaires were sent to 72(More)
CONTEXT A growing number of health professions schools have implemented programmes for community-based education (CBE) for their students. There are indications, however, that particularly in developing countries, CBE programmes are not always optimally implemented or sustained. OBJECTIVE To test the suitability of an established method for curriculum(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the applicability of a previously designed set of generic objectives for community-based education (CBE) emphasising community involvement. METHODS The study was designed as a non-blinded, randomised trial. Experimental and conventional groups of students following CBE programmes either closely or weakly(More)
One of the most serious problems for tuberculosis (TB) control is non-adherence to TB treatment. We studied the factors influencing non-adherence to TB treatment in Indonesia to inform TB treatment adherence strategies. We con- ducted semi-structured interviews with non-adherent patients and key informants in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Three major(More)
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