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Prediction model is needed for reducing mudflow disaster impact. We assume that mudflow has similar characteristic with fluid dynamic model. Therefore we adopt dynamical model of fluid to build hot mudflow movement model. The general parameters of this model are landscape data, mud volume per-day, and obstacle such as dikes and buildings. In this research(More)
One step in the image processing is filtering that located in the preprocessing. In the context of fetal analysis on the ultrasound image, filtering is really needed to enhance the quality of ultrasound image. This study conducted analysis of performance between Gaussian and bilateral filter in the fetal length. Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) was used to(More)
A prediction of dengue fever cases by using a predictor of rainfall, the rain days, the house index, and the larva-free number has been done in Jember Regency. The evaluation was done by comparing and calculating the deviation value of the predicted number of cases, as a result of the prediction, to the number of actual cases. This prediction simulation of(More)
One part of human body in which very useful in this life is a hand. This life will be disrupted if one or both of these hands do not work, due to disability or amputation. One of the contributions that help this condition is the bionic hand. This study have developed a bionic hand that consist of six servo motors to drive the fingers movement. Myo sensor is(More)
More recently, the design and manufacture of Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS) for human identification using dental radiographs have been done, because the victim identification process is done manually requires a longer time. There are several stages for identification using ADIS. Preliminary and decisive is the phase separation and image(More)
This work considers an simulated energy management for energy harvesting sensor nodes. There are four energy management, that is Optimal Offline Policy, Optimal Online Policy, Constant Water Level Policy, Adaptive Energy WF Policy, and Time-Adaptive Energy WF Policy. Energy harvest source that used in this paper is the sun energy. Optimal energy management(More)
We proposed an extended car-following approach on evacuation system of micro traffic. It is based on the agent model. Parameter which is owned by the agent is the velocity. We added one driving behavior in the car-following a smart driver. Characteristics of smart driver he has a concern for the distance between his vehicle with the vehicle in front of him(More)
Monte Carlo simulation of micro traffic with unpredictable disturbance is conducted for the realistic situation in Sidoarjo hot mudflow disaster. We concern to the main artery road very close to high dike of disaster. This road is main traffic connection with surrounding areas of disaster and traffic density over there is very high.The mud volcano remains(More)
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