Tri Harsono

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Prediction model is needed for reducing mudflow disaster impact. We assume that mudflow has similar characteristic with fluid dynamic model. Therefore we adopt dynamical model of fluid to build hot mudflow movement model. The general parameters of this model are landscape data, mud volume per-day, and obstacle such as dikes and buildings. In this research(More)
This work considers an simulated energy management for energy harvesting sensor nodes. There are four energy management, that is Optimal Offline Policy, Optimal Online Policy, Constant Water Level Policy, Adaptive Energy WF Policy, and Time-Adaptive Energy WF Policy. Energy harvest source that used in this paper is the sun energy. Optimal energy management(More)
We proposed an extended car-following approach on evacuation system of micro traffic. It is based on the agent model. Parameter which is owned by the agent is the velocity. We added one driving behavior in the car-following a smart driver. Characteristics of smart driver he has a concern for the distance between his vehicle with the vehicle in front of him(More)
Monte Carlo simulation of micro traffic with unpredictable disturbance is conducted for the realistic situation in Sidoarjo hot mudflow disaster. We concern to the main artery road very close to high dike of disaster. This road is main traffic connection with surrounding areas of disaster and traffic density over there is very high.The mud volcano remains(More)
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