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Capacitive deionization (CDI) with carbon aerogels has been shown to remove various inorganic species from aqueous solutions, though no studies have shown the electrosorption behavior of multisolute systems in which ions compete for limited surface area. Several experiments were conducted to determine the ion removal capacity and selectivity of carbon(More)
High-quality and low-delay MPEG2 video coding can be achieved by avoiding the use of intra (I) and bidirectional prediction (B) pictures. Such coding requires intra macroblocks refreshing techniques for channel error propagation resilience and for compliance with the accuracy requirements of the MPEG2 standard. This project gives an overview of the MPEG(More)
Dynamic light scattering performed on aqueous solutions of three sugars (glucose, maltose and sucrose) reveal a common pattern of sugar cluster formation with a narrow cluster size distribution. In each case, equilibrium clusters form whose size increases with increasing sugar content in an identical power law manner in advance of a common, critical-like,(More)
A new real time stability constraint for model predictive control is developed in this paper. Motivated by the dissipative system theory, the proposed stability condition is based on the controller trajectory and can be implemented on-the-fly to ensure the stability of MPC systems. The stability bound on the immediate-future values of manipulated variables(More)
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