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Combined system of capacitor bank and shunt active power filter is proposed. Mathematical model developed in this proposed combined system is based on direct power control theory using pq0 theory. Different with conventional shunt active power filter which reactive power is compensated, here only the ripple components of reactive power is compensated. The(More)
Electric cars becomes one of interesting object for researchers since its ability to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly vehicles. The driving force of electric car comes only from electric motor, hence the car performance is mostly determined by its motor dynamic response. This paper presents the modeling of PMBLDCM (Permanent Magnet(More)
Active Power Filters (APFs) are widely used in power systems that require best power quality. This is because the APFs have the ability to bring the system having unity power factor, to balance the system and to eliminate the harmonic phase currents. However, the rating of an APF depends to the corresponding load where the APF should be able to provide the(More)
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