Tri A. Kurniawan

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Most medium to large organizations support large collections of process designs, often stored in business process repositories. These processes are often inter-dependent. Managing such large collections of processes is not a trivial task. We argue that formalizing and establishing inter-process relationships play a critical role in that task leading to a(More)
As process-orientation continues to be broadly adopted – evidenced by the increasing number of large business process repositories, managing changes in such complex repositories becomes a growing issue. A critical aspect in evolving business processes is change propagation: given a set of primary changes made to a process in a repository, what additional(More)
The aim of the research is to present an approach of obstacle distance estimation and navigation for smart wheelchair. The smart wheelchair is an electric wheelchair equipped with camera and line laser to navigate and avoid an obstacle. The camera was used to capture images from the environment to sense the pathway condition. The line laser was used in(More)
This paper addresses the problem of managing business process changes at the design level within a complex business process repository. We argue that a formal process eco-systems view can provide a particular useful solution to the problem in which their inter-process relationships can be properly described. Our intent is to build a modular infrastructure(More)
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