Tri A. Kurniawan

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Most medium to large organizations support large collections of process designs, often stored in business process repositories. These processes are often interdependent. Managing such large collections of processes is not a trivial task. We argue that formalizing and establishing inter-process relationships play a critical role in that task leading to a(More)
As process-orientation continues to be broadly adopted – ev-idenced by the increasing number of large business process repositories, managing changes in such complex repositories becomes a growing issue. A critical aspect in evolving business processes is change propagation: given a set of primary changes made to a process in a repository, what additional(More)
—Smart sensors, such as smart meters or smart phones, are nowadays ubiquitous. To be " smart " , however, they need to process their input data with limited storage and computational resources. In this paper, we convert the stream of sensor data into a stream of symbols, and further, to higher level symbols in such a way that common analytical tasks such as(More)
—This paper addresses the problem of managing business process changes at the design level within a complex business process repository. We argue that a formal process ecosystems view can provide a particular useful solution to the problem in which their inter-process relationships can be properly described. Our intent is to build a modular infrastructure(More)
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