Trevor Taylor

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Nipah virus causes periodic livestock and human disease with high case fatality rate, and consequent major economic, social and psychological impacts. Fruit bats of the genus Pteropus are the natural reservoir. In this study, we used real time PCR to screen the saliva and urine of P. vampyrus from North Sumatera for Nipah virus genome. A conventional(More)
Mobile robots operating in unknown environments need to build maps. To do so they must have an exploration algorithm to plan a path. This algorithm should guarantee that the whole of the environment, or at least some designated area, will be mapped. The path should also be optimal in some sense and not simply a " random walk " which is clearly inefficient.(More)
—The Internet has become all-pervasive to the extent that many businesses now need an Internet presence to be successful. With this in mind, there are certain key competencies in the development of Web Applications that should be expected of all IT graduates. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has recognised this by making web development one of(More)
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