Trevor Taylor

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We studied the distribution of genes and recombination in wheat (Triticum aestivum) group 1 chromosomes by comparing high-density physical and genetic maps. Physical maps of chromosomes 1A, 1B, and 1D were generated by mapping 50 DNA markers on 56 single-break deletion lines. A consensus physical map was compared with the 1D genetic map of Triticum tauschii(More)
Nipah virus causes periodic livestock and human disease with high case fatality rate, and consequent major economic, social and psychological impacts. Fruit bats of the genus Pteropus are the natural reservoir. In this study, we used real time PCR to screen the saliva and urine of P. vampyrus from North Sumatera for Nipah virus genome. A conventional(More)
We describe a new method for the rapid fractionation of plasma lipoproteins, which makes use of a new non-ionic, iodinated, density gradient medium, iodixanol, commercially available as Optiprep(TM). The method is simple: plasma or serum is mixed with iodixanol followed by centrifugation in a vertical or near vertical rotor. Separation of VLDL, LDL and HDL(More)
Autologous saphenous vein grafts, unlike internal mammary artery grafts, suffer many late occlusions as a result of excessive proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells and the superimposition of atheroma on the resulting thickened intima. We investigated the possible basis of this difference using organ cultures. Internal mammary artery segments and(More)
Cheap digital cameras are readily available. They can be mounted on robots and used to build maps of the surrounding environment. However, these cameras suffer from several drawbacks such as a narrow field of view, low resolution and limited range due to perspective. These limitations can cause traditional approaches to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(More)
This paper is intended to provide an overview of current thinking in the more relevant medical conditions to oral surgery for primary care practitioners, giving the detail necessary to assist the primary dental clinical team in caring for patients with oral complaints that may be seen in general dental practice. Space precludes inclusion of discussion and(More)
AIM The aim of this retrospective study was to examine the outcome of patients referred to a dedicated clinic for dental extractions while they were prescribed either oral or intra-venous (IV) bisphosphonates (BPs). The following parameters were assessed: mode of BP administration, indication for BP prescription, incidence of BRONJ, concomitant risk factors(More)
Statistical analysis and process efficiency tools and techniques have been successfully implemented in many different industries, although healthcare has been slow to adopt these methodologies. We recently participated in an AHRQ grant, Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety: Improving Warfarin Management in Competitive Healthcare Using ISO 9001(More)