Trevor P Latendresse

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A synthetic protocol was developed that involves the transmetalation of a mono-dysprosium-[1]ferrocenophane complex with DyX3 (X = Cl- or I-) to afford [Dy3Fc6Li2(THF)2]-, featuring a rare linear arrangement of magnetically anisotropic Dy3+ ions. The close spatial inter-lanthanide proximity, in combination with μ2-bridging sp2-hybridized CCp groups,(More)
The first example of a lanthanide metallocenophane complex has been isolated as [Li(THF)4][DyFc3Li2(THF)2] (1). The molecular structure of complex 1 differs dramatically from those of main group and transition metal ferrocenophane complexes and features a distorted trigonal prismatic geometry around the Dy(III) ion and close intramolecular Dy···Fe(More)
We utilized a rigid ligand platform PyCp22- (PyCp22- = [2,6-(CH2C5H3)2C5H3N]2-) to isolate dinuclear Dy3+ complexes [(PyCp2)Dy-(μ-O2SOCF3)]2 (1) and [(PyCp2)Dy-(μ-Cl)]2 (3) as well as the mononuclear complex (PyCp2)Dy(OSO2CF3)(thf) (2). Compounds 1 and 2 are the first examples of organometallic Dy3+ complexes featuring triflate binding. The isolation of(More)
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