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Survivable injuries are a common yet costly experience. The ability to sense and respond to noxious stimuli is an almost universal trait, and prolonged behavioral alterations, including sensitization to touch and other stimuli, may function to ameliorate fitness costs associated with injury. Cephalopods can modify their behavior by learned association with(More)
Objective. During the course of HIV infection, progressive immune deficiency occurs. The aim of this prospective substudy was to evaluate the recovery of functional immunity in a subset of patients from the GRACE (Gender, Race, And Clinical Experience) study treated with a DRV/r-based regimen. Methods. The recovery of functional immunity with a(More)
In this paper, we propose an application that is able to scroll the screen with the human face. The eyes are detected and tracked in real-time to use their actions for scrolling events. The basic strategy for detection is fast extraction of the face from the image in front of the screen with a Six-Segmented Rectangular (SSR) filter. In the SSR filter,(More)
This study investigated the effects of varying degrees of linguistic constraint upon the performance of hard-of-hearing subjects in a repetition task. Experimental stimuli consisted of three sets of sentence strings: grammatical, semantically anomalous, and ungrammatical, respectively. While the control group performed essentially equally across all three(More)
Three audiological tests (Competing Sentences, Rapidly Alternating Speech, Staggered Spondaic Words) currently being used to evaluate central auditory dysfunction are discussed. Audiological and neurological findings on three patients with central auditory lesions are presented, with special reference to their performance on these central auditory tests.(More)
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