Trevor John Bentley

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Calorie restriction (CR) has been shown to decrease H(2)O(2) production in liver mitochondria, although it is not known if this is due to uniform changes in all mitochondria or changes in particular mitochondrial sub-populations. To address this issue, liver mitochondria from control and CR mice were fractionated using differential centrifugation at 1,000(More)
Inexpensive and accurate carrier testing for cystic fibrosis (CF) will be possible in the near future. There are no existing studies on the attitudes of English persons in the community to carrier testing for CF or any other recessive disorder. We have conducted a trial study of 166 persons at two schools, two doctors' surgeries, and a family planning(More)
A detailed histopathologic study was performed on 128 nevi removed from 86 pregnant white patients. None of the patients had clinical evidence of the dysplastic nevus syndrome, and none of the excised nevi were clinically suspicious for melanoma. One third of patients reported some change in nevi during pregnancy. Nevi from an age-matched male control(More)
Before we can discuss Management Information Systems on a coherent and beneficial level we must know the needs of those at whom the information is directed. It has been said that a good salesman can create needs for his product and there is no doubt that this is what has happened in the development of computer based systems. It is time we found out what our(More)
Research in cost-effective and easy-to-deploy sensing technologies in the home for supporting studies in natural settings. Research in context aware mobile computing and exploring compelling applications that extend beyond normal telephony on the mobile phone platform. Research in systems that facilitate the automated tagging of large quantities of videos(More)