Trevor Jay

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Today, most commercially available UGVs use teleoperation for control. Under teleoperation, users’ hands are occupied holding a handheld controller to operate the UGV, and their attention is focused on what the robot is doing. In this paper, we propose an alternative called Heads-up, Hands-free Operation, which allows an operator to control a UGV using(More)
We believe that the appropriate characterization of when a language is a DSL, and when it is not, is best made through examination of the relative assignment of resources to a project. We present a new approach to the construction of text transform tools for the prodution of DSLs, and some constraints which shape this approach; not an examination of a(More)
Programming languages are typically considered to be difficult to implement. However, a programming language tailored to an application domain can be an extremely powerful productivity enhancer. We present a pattern language for implementing languages that gathers together many ideas that are known in the language implementation community that should be(More)
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