Trevor J. Thornton

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Study of the behavior of ion-channels can provide significant information to detect metal ions and organic molecules such as proteins. Discrimination of different analytes can be performed by extracting appropriate features from the ion-channel signals and using them for classification. In this paper, we consider features extracted from the Fourier, Wavelet(More)
In this paper, a novel wireless sensor network discovery algorithm is presented which estimates the locations of a large number of low powered, randomly distributed sensor nodes. Initially, all nodes are at unknown locations except for a small number which are termed the " anchor " nodes. The remaining nodes are to be located as part of the discovery(More)
A novel technique has been developed for the fabrication of Si quantum dot structures with controllable electron number through both top and side gates. We have tested devices ranging in size from 40 to 200 nm. By varying the density with the top gate, and controlling the input and output barriers of the dot with the side gates, conductance peaks are(More)
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