Trevor J. Davis

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Electrophysiological recordings were made in 21 observers to investigate whether differences in signature components (P1, N1, selection negativity [SN]) would be revealed during perceptual reversals of three different multistable figures. Using a lattice of Necker cubes as a stimulus, J. Kornmeier and M. Bach (2004, 2005) reported differences in P1(More)
Purpose Human Parvovirus B19 causes a self-limited febrile illness with a characteristic exanthem and occasional acute arthritis. B19 infection has also been associated with multiple rheumatic diseases. Reports indicate that in patients with positive B19 PCR up to ~1/3 have negative IgM and positive IgG to B19. However little is known about how these(More)
We describe a 13-year-old female with abrupt onset urinary retention progressing rapidly to pandysautonomia with symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, gastroparesis, anhidrosis, pupillary dysfunction, and abdominal pain. Pandysautonomia has been reported frequently in adults, but is less commonly described in children. Autonomic nervous(More)
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