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On-ground management actions targeting invasive and/or native species are often undertaken based on incomplete and biased distribution data for the species of interest. Once an invasive species becomes established, containment can provide an effective management option to conserve native biodiversity only if it is implemented beyond the outer distribution(More)
The self-regulation of brain activation via neurofeedback training offers a method to study the relationship between brain areas and perception in a more direct manner than the conventional mapping of brain responses to different types of stimuli. The current proof-of-concept study aimed to demonstrate that healthy volunteers can self-regulate activity in(More)
Artefacts on radiographic images are distracting and may compromise accurate diagnosis. Although most artefacts that occur in conventional radiography have become familiar, computed radiography (CR) systems produce artefacts that differ from those found in conventional radiography. We have encountered a variety of artefacts in CR images that were produced(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the radiodensity of commonly used medications and determine their ability to be seen on plan x-ray films. MATERIAL AND METHODS Under conditions intended to simulate a patient undergoing radiography of the abdomen (including the use of a patient-equivalent phantom), 50 prescription and nonprescription drugs were tested. Their(More)
The temporal and spatial (partial volume) response characteristics of ionization chambers used for measuring radiation exposures in x-ray quality control (QC) programs were evaluated. Five ionization chambers were evaluated using a pencil beam scanning x-ray source and a conventional radiographic system. The spatial response was determined by recording the(More)
To visually demonstrate the effective temporal resolution of subsecond conventional (slip-ring) and electron-beam computed tomographic (CT) systems, two phantoms containing high-contrast test objects were scanned with a slip-ring CT system (effective exposure time, 0.5 second) and an electron-beam CT system (exposure time, 0.1 second). Images were acquired(More)
Twenty-three viewboxes were evaluated in six mammography facilities. Luminance and illuminance measurements were made with a recently calibrated photometer. Color temperatures were measured with a Minolta color meter. The average luminance for the 23 viewboxes was 2920 nit (lumen/Sr/m2), the lowest value was 1610 nit, and the highest value was 3630 nit. The(More)
An auxiliary CT tabletop was designed and manufactured such that radiographic images might be acquired, with use of a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube, without removing the patient from the CT table. The tabletop required no modifications to the original CT table housing and did not produce artifacts in the CT images. Radiographs obtained with the overhead X-ray(More)
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