Trevor D. Moore

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Previous research indicates that the type and purpose of a virtual community (wiki, blog, and Internet Forum) may play a role in determining a member's motivation for contribution to a virtual community, but does not fully explore this idea. This study aggregates the disparate ideas and terminology of previous research on virtual communities and presents a(More)
Antioxidant enzymes are thought to be important for the survival of pathogenic Neisseria species. We have further characterized the glutathione peroxidase homolog gene (gpxA), which we recently isolated from Neisseria meningitidis FAM20 (T.D.E. Moore and P.F. Sparling, Infect. Immun. 63:1603-1607, 1995). GpxA was found to be produced constitutively in vivo.(More)
On 27 April 2006, a 228-m oil tanker, the T/V MARGARA, grounded on coral reefs in Tallaboa, Puerto Rico, damaging approximately 7500 m 2 of reef. The photographs in Fig. 1 demonstrate the success of restoration on one patch reef at the site that used a combination of reattaching loose corals, stabilizing rubble, and outplanting Acropora cervicornis from a(More)
Governments internationally are confronting the challenges of progressing e-government to more sophisticated and complex transactions, online interactions, and greater responsiveness to customer expectations and preferences. Australia is generally regarded as a leader in e-government, but is experiencing the challenges of moving to a stage of service(More)
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