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Studies based on British Crime Survey (BCS) data suggest that the overall incidence of workplace assault is relatively low. However, these data have a number of limitations. They include only assaults carried out by clients or the public, provide limited information about the individuals involved and their workplaces, and tell us little about perceived(More)
Despite parallels between the cooperative use of domestic dogs in human society today, the predicted similar deployment of robots in the future, and the plethora of superficially dog-like robotic entertainment devices, very little effort has been directed at exploiting any understanding of social cognition between dogs and humans when designing interactive(More)
This paper describes an experimental generic software engineering environment which provides support for textual documents and the diagrammatic representation of relational structures between and within such documents. We describe the generic software engineering environment, the relevant support tools and document structures for providing diagrammatic(More)
This paper describes an experimental generic software development environment which provides support for both textual and diagram-matic documents, and for visualisation of additional implicit relations between and within such documents. The relevant document structures are identiied, a framework for deening these structures and their associated(More)
Problem Statement For several years many athletes, including swimmers have had problems communicating with their coaches and getting useful feedback during training. We have asked several questions of both the swimmer, the coach and about their interaction in order to elicit requirements. From these requirements we can give a clear and concise description(More)