Trevor C Koekemoer

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Properties of porcine white adipose tissue heavy and light mitochondrial subpopulations were investigated so as to identify any functional heterogeneity. Liver mitochondrial subpopulations were concurrently evaluated since their properties have been studied in some detail. Mitochondrial subpopulations were isolated by means of differential centrifugation(More)
Recent studies on the differentiation of human preadipocytes have extensively used GPDH as a convenient marker enzyme to follow the development of the cells. Since the properties of human adipose tissue GPDH is largely unknown, it was considered of interest to characterize the purified enzyme. Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase was purified to homogeneity(More)
The capacity of white adipose tissue mitochondria to support a high beta-oxidative flux was investigated by comparison to liver mitochondria. Based on marker enzyme activities and electron microscopy, the relative purity of the isolated mitochondria was similar thus allowing a direct comparison on a protein basis. The results confirm the comparable capacity(More)
Intake of high caloric food induces raised plasma free fatty acids, culminating in insulin resistance (IR) and Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMT2). The present study has shown for the first time that Sutherlandia frutescens reduces plasma free fatty acid levels in rats fed a high fat diet, thereby preventing the development of insulin resistance. A commercially(More)
Cancer is one of the most prominent human diseases which has stimulated scientific and commercial interest in the discovery of new anticancer agents from natural sources. The current study investigates the cytotoxic activity of ethanolic extracts of sixteen Nigerian plants used locally for the treatment of cancer using the MTT assay on the HeLa cell line.(More)
A method is described for the quantification of mitochondrial DNA present in crude biological preparations. A known copy number of a standard is amplified in the presence of inactivated target DNA so as to determine the overall efficiency of the PCR process in a particular sample. In this way any inhibitory and/or stimulatory substances present in sample(More)
Okra seeds are reported to be limited to re-generational purpose in Nigeria while majority are discarded as unfit for this purpose. Studies were carried out to evaluate the effect of soaking and blanching on the yield, proximate composition and antioxidant activity of okra seed flour. Pre-treatment by soaking and blanching were found to increase yield which(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. is a tropical tree that has folkloric implications against many ailments and diseases including cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS To explore the ethnopharmacological claims against cancer, the cytotoxicity of the methanolic extract of the leaves, was investigated using the brine shrimp(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate anti-proliferatory activity of a selected N,N-[(8-hydroxyquinoline)methyl]-substituted benzylamine (JLK1486) on melanoma cells and to characterize its mechanism of cell population growth inhibition. MATERIALS AND METHODS In vitro cultures of B16F10 (mouse melanoma) cells were used as a model to characterize anti-proliferatory(More)
CONTEXT Plants harbor endophytes with potential bioactivity. Markhamia tomentosa (Benth) K. Schum ex. Engl. (Bignoniaceae) is reported to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities. OBJECTIVE The antifungal and antiproliferative properties of endophytic fungi extracts and fractions from M. tomentosa were evaluated. MATERIAL AND(More)