Trevor Bond

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Many tests have been constructed to assess computer anxiety. This has lead to the construct being conceptualised in some cases as a multidimensional, with a confusing array of dimensions, and also, implicitly, as unidimensional. The present study has used the computer-anxiety index (CAIN), a scale previously developed (1987). Development of a standardised(More)
BACKGROUND Many hospitals have adopted mobile nursing carts that can be easily rolled up to a patient's bedside to access charts and help nurses perform their rounds. However, few papers have reported data regarding the use of wireless computers on wheels (COW) at patients' bedsides to collect questionnaire-based information of their perception of(More)
Children in all public primary schools in Queensland, Australia have weekly music lessons designed to develop key musical concepts such as reading, writing, singing and playing simple music notation. Their understanding of basic musical concepts is developed through a blend of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory experiences. In keeping with the pedagogical(More)
The use of Rasch measurement techniques with data from developmental psychology has provided important insights into human development (e.g., Bond, 1997, 2003; Dawson, 2002 a, b;). In particular, Rasch methods support investigations into what has been, up until now, intractable theoretical and empirical problems. Research into the development of formal(More)
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