Trevor Bond

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Many tests have been constructed to assess computer anxiety. This has lead to the construct being conceptualised in some cases as a multidimensional, with a confusing array of dimensions, and also, implicitly, as unidimensional. The present study has used the computer-anxiety index (CAIN), a scale previously developed (1987). Development of a standardised(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the measurement properties (including rating scale performance, unidimensionality, and differential item functioning) of the fine motor scale of the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales-Second Edition in children, by using the Rasch analysis. DESIGN A total of 419 children (including 342 typically developing children and 77 children(More)
AIM Our paper presents an instrument for recognising the psychological problems of caregivers: the short form of a previously validated questionnaire, the Family Strain Questionnaire. BACKGROUND Individuals caring for chronic patients frequently suffer from psychological problems, which are underestimated by medical professionals and, consequently, are(More)
Customary forms of resource management, such as taboos, have received considerable attention as a potential basis for conservation initiatives in the Indo-Pacific. Yet little is known about how socioeconomic factors influence the ability of communities to use customary management practices and whether socioeconomic transformations within communities will(More)
Children in all public primary schools in Queensland, Australia have weekly music lessons designed to develop key musical concepts such as reading, writing, singing and playing simple music notation. Their understanding of basic musical concepts is developed through a blend of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory experiences. In keeping with the pedagogical(More)
PURPOSE To confirm a core competency scale for Hong Kong infection control nurses at the advanced nursing practice level from the core competency items proposed in a previous phase of this study. This would serve as the foundation of competency assurance in Hong Kong hospitals. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey design was used. SETTING All public and(More)
As one part of a series of studies undertaken to investigate the contribution of developmental attributes of learners to school learning, a representative sample of forty-two students (age from 5 years and 3 months to 13 years and 1 month) was randomly selected from a total student population of 142 students at a small private primary school in northern(More)
By its very nature, a large-scale evaluation of client satisfaction with public education using a quantitative approach, places almost impossibly competing demands on the research methodology. This paper reports on the use of a suite of Rasch measurement techniques to meet the competing demands in establishing state-wide benchmarks relating to the School(More)
The use of Rasch measurement techniques with data from developmental psychology has provided important insights into human development (e.g., Bond, 1997, 2003; Dawson, 2002 a, b;). In particular, Rasch methods support investigations into what has been, up until now, intractable theoretical and empirical problems. Research into the development of formal(More)
Because the results of the client satisfaction evaluation trials conducted in the state's public schools revealed that levels of client satisfaction differed in significant and meaningful ways between parents and students as well as between types of schools, this research consultancy provided school versus benchmark comparison reports based on groups of(More)