Trevor A. Spedding

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An educational web-based virtual factory and simulator environment is presented in this paper. It has been developed for university students to apply various statistical quality control techniques to explore the quality problems. The architecture of the simulator and methodologies for developing the website are discussed. Major benefits for both the(More)
The optimizing sequence of production for a set of customer orders - in order to minimize machine set-up time and costs - is one of the typical problems found in many manufacturing systems. In this paper, we develop a simulation model to capture a practical system of a metal casting company in Queensland, Australia, and optimize the production sequence for(More)
Management games are well-established techniques for improving the understanding and appreciation of realistic problems. Flight Simulators [4] where students “fly” a particular aspect of an enterprise are particularly rewarding. A web-based virtual factory and simulator platform for teaching industrial statistics and process improvement techniques has been(More)
This paper provides a brief literature review of the current applications of simulation in Australia. The paper identifies areas that use simulation modeling and dynamic tools for growth and improvement, while also highlighting opportunities for future applications of simulation. The simulation applications highlighted in this paper are focused on some of(More)
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