Trenton Franz

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  • M Zreda, W J Shuttleworth, X Zeng, C Zweck, D Desilets, T Franz +1 other
  • 2012
The newly-developed cosmic-ray method for measuring area-average soil moisture at the hectometer horizontal scale is being implemented in the COsmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System (or the COSMOS). The stationary cosmic-ray soil moisture probe measures the neutrons that are generated by cosmic rays within air and soil and other materials, moderated by(More)
The COSMOS network will eventually consist of several hundred sensors throughout the United States that report kilometer–scale soil water content via measurement of the intensity of neutrons immediately above Earth's surface. We show that COSMOS sensors must be corrected for the effects of growing vegetation. Once this phenomenon is completely understood(More)
  • J Shuttleworth, R Rosolem, M Zreda, T Franz
  • 2013
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in HESS if available. Abstract Soil moisture status in land surface models (LSMs) can be updated by assimilating cosmic-ray neutron intensity measured in air above the surface. This requires a fast and(More)
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