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This study examined whether living or going to school in neighborhoods with higher tobacco outlet density is associated with higher odds of cigarette smoking among teens, and with perceptions of greater smoking prevalence and peer approval. Using an Internet panel that is representative of US households, we matched data from teen-parent pairs (n=2771,(More)
Lagos University Teaching Hospital is developing a primary health care (PHC) system for a 50 km square rural area of Ogun State, southwest nigeria. The 1st step in 1984, was to carry out a baseline sample survey of the area. The survey was designed to provide basic demographic, socioeconomic, health status and health practices data. The data was to be(More)
Background Retail marketing surveillance research highlights concerns about lower priced cigarettes in neighborhoods with a higher proportion of racial/ethnic minorities but focuses almost exclusively on premium brands. To remedy this gap in the literature, the current study examines neighborhood variation in prices for the cheapest cigarettes and a popular(More)
As tobacco companies continue to heavily market their products at the point of sale, tobacco control groups seek strategies to combat the negative effects of this marketing. Store observations, which have been widely used by researchers and practitioners alike, are an excellent surveillance tool. This article provides a guide for public health practitioners(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the retail availability of cigar products that refer to marijuana and the largest package size of cigarillos available for ≤$1. METHODS Trained data collectors conducted marketing surveillance in a random sample of licensed tobacco retailers that sold little cigars/cigarillos (LCCs) (n=530) near a statewide sample of middle and high(More)
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