Trent Kroeger

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An important challenge for the adoption of cloud computing in the scientific community remains the efficient allocation and execution of data-intensive scientific workflows to reduce execution time and the size of transferred data. The transferred data overhead is becoming significant with emerging scientific workflows that have input/output files and(More)
Abstract Evolutionary algorithms have been widely used to tackle multiobjective optimization problems. Incorporating preference information into the search of evolutionary algorithms for multi-objective optimization is of great importance as it allows one to focus on interesting regions in the objective space. Zitzler et al. have shown how to use a weight(More)
Team pursuit track cycling is a bicycle racing sport held on velodromes and is part of the Summer Olympics. It involves the use of strategies to minimize the overall time that a team of cyclists needs to complete a race. We present an optimisation framework for team pursuit track cycling and show how to evolve strategies using metaheuristics for this(More)
Increasingly, software engineering organisations are defining and implementing processes as a means to support, guide and control project execution. An assumption underlying this process-centric approach to business improvement is that the quality of the process will influence the quality, cost and time-to-release of the software produced. Given this(More)
MOTIVATION Predicting the part of speech (POS) tag of an unknown word in a sentence is a significant challenge. This is particularly difficult in biomedicine, where POS tags serve as an input to training sophisticated literature summarization techniques, such as those based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM). Different approaches have been taken to deal with the(More)
It is well recognised that that there is a correlation between process maturity in large organisations and project success. In response to this, a number of process models and standards have been developed for the large-project environment. The Australian defence industry, unlike many overseas countries, relies to a much greater extent on small and(More)