Trent J. Williams

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The Difference of Gaussian (DoG) saliency maps originally proposed by Koch and Ullman had information channels for intensity, opponent colors, and edge orientations, but from the beginning it was suggested that additional channels could and should be added. This paper addresses selective attention in video sequences, and adds motion channels to the saliency(More)
In a study of top U.S. executives between 1996 and 2006, we examined the impact of underwater stock options on voluntary turnover. Financial and economic logic suggests that underwater options may carry a positive valuation based on Black–Scholes (BS) pricing, even when the current market price is below the exercise price. However, a variety of(More)
Natural recombination combines pieces of preexisting proteins to create new tertiary structures and functions. We describe a computational protocol, called SEWING, which is inspired by this process and builds new proteins from connected or disconnected pieces of existing structures. Helical proteins designed with SEWING contain structural features absent(More)
Results are presented from the rst systematic nonlinear kinetic simulation study of the scalings and parameter dependences of toroidal ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) turbulence and transport, and from the rst such study that includes sheared toroidal ows. Key results include the observation of clear gyroBohm scaling of the turbulent transport and of a(More)
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