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— Proteins carry out the majority of functionality on a cellular level. Computational protein structure prediction (PSP) methods have been introduced to speed up the PSP process due to manual methods, like nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and x-ray crystallography (XC) taking numerous months even years to produce a predicted structure for a target protein.(More)
Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development is a project of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). The project was made possible by the support of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). IIED is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England. Reg. This report was commissioned by the MMSD(More)
Thin film magnetic heterostructures with competing interfacial coupling and Zeeman energy provide a fertile ground to study phase transition between different equilibrium states as a function of external magnetic field and temperature. A rare-earth (RE)/transition metal (TM) ferromagnetic multilayer is a classic example where the magnetic state is(More)
Protein structure prediction (PSP) suites can predict 'close to native' protein models. However, not always these predicted models are close to the native structure which could be useful for biologists. The literature to date demonstrates that one of the best techniques to predict near-native protein models is to use a fragment-based search strategy.(More)
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