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The aim of this study was to investigate the consensus of skin care advice given by nurses during radiotherapy. Sixty-seven nurses, identified through nine Belgian radiotherapy departments, responded to a questionnaire survey consisting of 58 items regarding prevention and management of erythema, dry desquamation and moist desquamation. Consensus for a(More)
Tuberculosis rarely presents in the neonatal period. Though treatable, it may be fatal despite modern treatment. The diagnosis of congenital tuberculosis should be considered in any neonate with pneumonia that fails to respond to conventional treatment, particularly in a child from an ethnic or socioeconomic environment where tuberculosis is prevalent.
There is a widely held belief among doctors and nurses that when a colleague is in hospital, if anything can go wrong during the course of his illness it invariably will. To investigate this belief, we studied prospectively a group of pregnant doctors and doctors' wives, comparing the number of obstetric, paediatric, and psychiatric complications with those(More)
PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH To evaluate nursing practice in Flanders (Belgium) regarding skin care during radiotherapy and the effect of the introduction of an evidence based protocol on daily nursing practice. METHODS AND SAMPLE Nurses working at radiotherapy departments in Flanders were invited to complete a 58-item questionnaire. The survey was undertaken(More)
Intussusception is a major cause of intestinal obstruction in infancy and childhood. Improved results of treatment have followed the increased use of ultrasound imaging and pneumatic reduction. We prospectively studied the value of ultrasound in both the diagnosis and exclusion of intussusception in a peripheral paediatric unit over a four year period from(More)
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