Travis W Kemper

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The relationship between the polymer network and electronic transport properties for stable radical polymeric materials has come under investigation owing to their potential application in electronic devices. For the radical polymer poly(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-4-yl-1-oxyl methacrylate), it is unclear whether the radical packing is optimal for charge(More)
Stable nitroxide radical bearing organic polymer materials are attracting much attention for their application as next generation energy storage materials. A greater understanding of the inherent charge transfer mechanisms in such systems will ultimately be paramount to further advancements in the understanding of both intrafilm and interfacial ion- and(More)
The chemical processes that lead to polystyrene surface modification via low energy deposition of C(2)H(+), C(2)F(+), CH(2), CH(2)(+), and H(+) radicals and ions are examined using first principles calculations. Specifically, the reaction mechanisms responsible for products identified in classical molecular dynamics with reactive empirical bond-order(More)
Irradiation effects in polyethylene and cellulose were examined using molecular dynamics simulations. The governing reactions in both materials were chain scissioning and generation of small hydrocarbon and peroxy radicals. Recombination of chain fragments and cross-linking between polymer chains were found to occur less frequently. Crystalline cellulose(More)
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