Travis Steel

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Two cases of paraganglioma arising from the parasellar region are presented. Both occurred in middle-aged women who sought treatment of headaches but who had no endocrinological dysfunction; one case was associated with ophthalmoplegia from cavernous sinus involvement. Diagnosis in both cases was confirmed by typical histological appearance and cytochemical(More)
In this paper we discuss the use of self-organizing architectures for traffic management systems. We introduce Soteria, a multi-layered, integrated, super-infrastructure for traffic safety enhancement and congestion reduction. We highlight Soteria’s use of microand macro-level models and its hybrid top-down/bottom-up strategy for traffic management. We then(More)
In this paper we discuss a modular multi-sense perception system for DIVAs virtual agents. It is based on the idea that local environmental influences are constantly sensed by one or more of an agent’s senses (sight, hearing, smell, etc.). The perception system is extensible and modifiable and allows users to dynamically modify how an agent(More)
In this paper we present the emigo platform, an agent-based social platform for the Web. Our goal is to provide each Web user with an agent called emigo which represents the user on the Web. An emigo’s role is to: a) protect the Web user from information overload; b) support and facilitate decision-making; c) Coordinate actions and decision making with(More)
This paper presents a design for simulating the propagation of environmental events in distributed, open environments. Environmental events are properties of the simulated environment that may affect the state of the environment and the behavior of virtual agents situated in the environment. The design aims to realistically model simulated events and is(More)
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