Travis R. Schreier

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During the formation of granulation tissue in a dermal wound, platelets, monocytes and other cellular blood constituents release various peptide growth factors to stimulate fibroblasts to migrate into the wound site and proliferate, in order to reconstitute the various connective tissue components. The effect on fibroblast migration and proliferation of(More)
UNLABELLED Cell Collective ( is a web-based interactive environment for constructing, simulating and analyzing logical models of biological systems. Herein, we present a Web service to access models, annotations, and simulation data in the Cell Collective platform through the Representational State Transfer (REST) Application(More)
The two isoforms of troponin C that are differentially expressed in slow and fast twitch skeletal muscle are encoded by single copy genes. We are analyzing the mechanisms that control their highly restricted pattern of differential expression. The structure of the human fast twitch troponin C isoform gene has been reported (Gahlmann, R. and Kedes, L. (1990)(More)
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