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There exists a wide spectrum of coherency models for use in distributed shared memory (DSM) systems. The choice of model for an application should ideally be based on the application's data access patterns and phase changes. However, in current systems, most, if not all of the parameters of the coherency model are fixed in the underlying DSM system. This(More)
ProcessBase is an environment designed to support process modelling languages. This environment consists of a language, its interpreter and a persistent object store. Currently this environment supports concurrency through a multi-threading library, however, only a single interpreter instantiation exists as a supported architecture. ProcessBase is a simple(More)
Time-to-market is a critical factor in the commercial success of new consumer devices. To minimise delays , system developers and third party software vendors must be able to test their applications before the hardware platform becomes available. Instruction Set Simulators (ISS's) underpin this early development by emulating new platforms on ordinary(More)
This paper considers the idea of the World Wide Web as a distributed object system, in contrast to the more traditional view of the Web as purely a distributed document system. There already exist significant indications of moves in this direct and some of the more compelling examples will be discussed. We believe this move is indeed a very positive one but(More)
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