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One of the crucial steps in the design of an integrated circuit is the minimization of heating and temperature non-uniformity. Current temperature calculation methods, such as finite element analysis and resistor networks have considerable computation times, making them incompatible for use in routing and placement optimization algorithms. In an effort to(More)
Thermal aware routing and placement algorithms are important in industry. Currently, there are reasonably fast Green's function based algorithms that calculate the temperature distribution in a chip made from a stack of different materials. However, the layers are all assumed to have the same size, thus neglecting the important fact that the thermal mounts(More)
Hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) hydrogels were investigated for their suitability as a dural prosthesis. Poly-HEMA has many characteristics required for an artificial dural substitute: it is durable, flexible, easily prepared, inexpensive, easily sterilized and handled, easily shaped, and known to be chemically inert and nontoxic. Sheets made of plain HEMA(More)
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