Travis Friesen

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CLIC4, a multifunctional protein that traffics between the cytoplasm and nucleus, interacts with Schnurri-2, a transcription factor in the BMP pathway. TGF-β enhances the expression of both CLIC4 and Schnurri-2 and promotes their association in the cytoplasm and their translocation to the nucleus. In the absence of CLIC4 or Schnurri-2, TGF-β signalling is(More)
T cell development requires a period of postthymic maturation. Why this is the case has remained a mystery, particularly given the rigors of intrathymic developmental checkpoints, successfully traversed by only ∼5% of thymocytes. We now show that the first few weeks of T cell residence in the lymphoid periphery define a period of heightened susceptibility(More)
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