Travis Cooper

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In order for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to increase in capability and use, more programs that allow for the safe use of these vehicles in all situations are needed. These will allow multple advancements in market use and innovation in the field of UAVs, and situations like dangerous search and rescue or commercial flight will be radicially changed with(More)
Oversampled filter banks (OSFB) can be applied as channel coding and have shown benefits in correlated and impulsive noise. Therefore, in this paper, we consider such channel coders for a power line communications scenario, where such conditions create a hostile channel environment. The proposed channel coder assumes the knowledge of the noise covariance(More)
As described in this paper, we investigated the effect of the symmetry bias on linguistic evolution. We specifically examined symmetry bias, which indicates the meaning in a state of environment. For this task, we constructed a meaning selection iterated learning model based on Simon Kirby’s iterated learning Model, and used it for simulation with three(More)
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