Tranos Zuva

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Recently great attention has been given to point-of-failure swap rerouting, an efficient technique for routing in presence of transient failures. According to this technique, a message follows the normal routing table information unless the next hop has failed; in this case, it is redirected towards a precomputed link, called swap; once this link has been(More)
Research is taking place to find effective algorithms for content-based image representation and description. There is a substantial amount of algorithms available that use visual features (color, shape, texture). Shape feature has attracted much attention from researchers that there are many shape representation and description algorithms in literature.(More)
We consider the problem of computing the best swap edges of a shortest-path tree Tr rooted in r. That is, given a single link failure: if the path is not affected by the failed link, then the message will be delivered through that path; otherwise, we want to guarantee that, when the message reaches the edge (u, v) where the failure has occurred, the message(More)
Road region recognition is a main feature that is gaining increasing attention from intellectuals because it helps autonomous vehicle to achieve a successful navigation without accident. However, different techniques based on camera sensor have been used by various researchers and outstanding results have been achieved. Despite their success, environmental(More)
This paper considered performance of content based image retrieval system using image representation non-parametric algorithms. Performance comparison of Epanechnikov, Gaussian and Histogram non-parametric algorithms was done in a generic image retrieval system. Chan & Vese and Cosine Angle Distance algorithms were used for segmentation and similarity(More)
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