Trang Nguyen

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ATR and Chk1 are protein kinases that perform major roles in the DNA replication checkpoint that delays entry into mitosis in response to DNA replication stress by hydroxyurea (HU) treatment. They are also activated by ionizing radiation (IR) that induces DNA double-strand breaks. Studies in human tissue culture and Xenopus egg extracts identified Claspin(More)
Digital signage (DS) has become a phraseology for recent technology, is gaining massive acceptance to the technology-dependent world. Though the development of DS includes the essence of advertisement purposes, the fusion strategy makes it promising for communication technology. This paper demonstrates a Symbiotic Digital Signage (SDS) system in which one(More)
This paper introduces the asynchronous Optical Camera Communication (asynchronous OCC) using LED and rolling shutter camera as a pair of wireless communication. Aiming to enhance the capacity of unidirectional wireless link, the response of camera is measured, and then the operating frequency range, system architecture, decoding procedure and algorithm are(More)
Intention for using color in image sensor communication (ISC) has become trendy issue due to its specific limitations. This paper suggests a color transmission technology to minimize the blur effects in the ISC. We propose an asynchronous communication using display as a transmitter and rolling shutter camera as a receiver to measure the blur effect. The(More)
This paper presents a modulation scheme in the time domain based on On-Off-Keying and proposes various compatible supports for different types of image sensors. The content of this article is a sub-proposal to the IEEE 802.15.7r1 Task Group (TG7r1) aimed at Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) using an image sensor as the receiver. The compatibility support(More)
MIMO is popular technique which can improve the reliability and spectral efficiency of RF communication system by using the spatial link dimensions. It is also an attractive option solution for achieving high data rate. Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered for revision specification of visible light communication standard. One of the most(More)
After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the United States declared war on terrorism. The Patriot Act (H.R. 3162) authorizes law enforcement agencies to monitor and intercept the electronic communications of suspected terrorists. Telephone communication and encrypted telephony would no longer provide safe havens for terrorists to communicate with one(More)
The prevalence of build-in cameras smart phone and LED displays creates a novel opportunity to build camera-based optical wireless communication systems. However, for a practical real-time communication system, there are many consideration issues especially the synchronization of the shutter timing release with the lighting source. In this paper we analyses(More)
This paper introduces the Optical Camera Communication (OCC) based on Computer Vision. The practical issues of implementation of the asynchronous communication based Screen-to-Camera are performed. The asynchronous scheme proposed by our previous work is modified to be simple, suitable and reliable in order to apply in case of heterogeneous frame rate of(More)