Tran Kien Thuc

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Because of the traditional "nonmilking" attitude in Vietnam, a high incidence of lactose malabsorption would be expected in Vietnamese. However, confirming data are not available, and for this reason 31 adult Vietnamese were studied by obtaining diet histories and performing oral lactose tolerance tests. Twenty-three had drunk from one glass of milk a month(More)
To satisfy the ever-increasing number of cellular wireless service users and their high-rate communication requirements, the future generation cellular networks need to adopt multi-tier network architecture. In such architecture, the traditional macrocells will be overlaid with low-power small cells such as femto and picocells. New communication methods(More)
—Energy harvesting in cellular networks is an emerging technique to enhance the sustainability of power-constrained wireless devices. This paper considers the co-channel deployment of a macrocell overlaid with small cells. The small cell base stations (SBSs) harvest energy from environmental sources whereas the macrocell base station (MBS) uses conventional(More)
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