Tran Dang Hong

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Oil-based formulated conidia sprayed on steel plates and conidia powder (control) of Beauveria bassiana isolate IMI 386243 were stored at temperatures from 10 to 40 degrees C in desiccators over saturated salt solutions providing relative humidities from 32 to 88%, or in hermetic storage at 40 degrees C, and moisture contents in equilibrium with 33 or 77%(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND AND AIMS The negative logarithmic relationship between orthodox seed longevity and moisture content in hermetic storage is subject to a low-moisture-content limit (m(c)), but is m(c) affected by temperature? METHODS Red clover (Trifolium pratense) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa) seeds were stored hermetically at 12 moisture contents(More)
Waterlogging pot-grown cowpea plants for eight days (24–32 from sowing) during the period of rapid vegetative growth when symbiotic nitrogen fixation rates are also increasing at maximum rate had effects on anatomical, morphological and physiological attributes of the legume system viz reduced nodule production and increased nodule cortication, stimulated(More)
Mass maturity (end of the seed-filling phase) occurred at about 72 days after flowering (DAF) in developing seeds of Mimusops elengi, at which time seed moisture content had declined to about 55%. The onset of ability to germinate was detected at 56 DAF and seeds showed 98% germination by 84 DAF. Tolerance of desiccation to 10% moisture content was first(More)
We investigated seed dormancy and germination in Ficus lundellii Standl. (Moraceae), a native species of Mexico's Los Tuxtlas tropical rain forest. In an 8-h photoperiod at an alternating diurnal (16/8 h) temperature of 20/30 degrees C, germination was essentially complete (96%) within 28 days, whereas in darkness, all seeds remained dormant. Neither(More)
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