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Part of three systematic reviews on the effects of psychotropic medication exposure in pregnancy, this paper critically reviews the literature on adverse effects of antidepressant use during pregnancy, and derives recommendations for clinical practice. Electronic databases were searched for original research studies examining the effects of gestational(More)
The primary auditory cortex is subject to the modulation of numerous neurotransmitters including norepinephrine (NE), which has been shown to decrease cellular excitability by yet unclear mechanisms. We investigated the possibility that NE directly affects excitatory glutamatergic synapses. We found that bath applications of NE (20 microM) decreased(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulating evidence suggests that white matter lesions are associated with vascular cognitive impairment. The authors investigated the relationships between white matter lesions, cognitive impairment, and risk of recurrent hemorrhage in a prospectively identified cohort of patients with lobar intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). METHODS The(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess use, utility and impact of transition interventions designed to support and empower self-management in youth with chronic health conditions during transition into adult healthcare. DESIGN A 4-year mixed-method prospective cohort study. SETTING 2 academic paediatric hospitals (13 clinics) in Canada. PARTICIPANTS 50 adolescents (42%(More)
Youth shifting to adult mental health services often report experiencing frustrations with accessing care that adequately replaces the youth services they had received. This systematic review assesses the peer reviewed evidence on services/programs aimed at addressing youth to adult transitions in mental health services. Findings suggest little data exists(More)
INTRODUCTION This perspective paper explores the application of acculturation and the inherent concepts and ideas associated with this theory in rehabilitation to provide a framework for interpreting patient circumstances, responses and behaviours as they move from one culture to the next. Traditionally acculturation theory has been use to examine changes(More)
Image registration is used in many fields for mapping one image to another. In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications, one of the main uses is for correction of motion- induced artifacts so that subsequent image analysis would be more reliable. This paper gives an introduction to some image registration problems in MRI and functional MRI(More)
BACKGROUND While it has been reported that persons with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) manifest tonic autonomic activation, the literature contains numerous counterexamples. In revisiting the question, this study employed a novel method of mattress actigraphy to unobtrusively estimate heart rate and respiratory sinus arrhythmia over multiple nights of(More)
PURPOSE To describe how stakeholder engagement has been undertaken and evaluated in rehabilitation research. METHODS A scoping review of the scientific literature using five search strategies. Quantitative and qualitative analyses using extracted data. Interpretation of results was iteratively discussed within the team, which included a parent(More)
The torpedo model of transcription termination asserts that the exonuclease Xrn2 attacks the 5'PO4-end exposed by nascent RNA cleavage and chases down the RNA polymerase. We tested this mechanism using a dominant-negative human Xrn2 mutant and found that it delayed termination genome-wide. Xrn2 nuclease inactivation caused strong termination defects(More)