Traian Rebedea

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Discourse in instant messenger conversations (chats) with multiple participants is often composed of several intertwining threads. Some chat environments for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) support and encourage the existence of parallel threads by providing explicit referencing facilities. The paper proposes a discourse model for such(More)
The proposed solution for authorship attribution combines a couple of the most important features identified in previous research in this domain with classification algorithms in order to detect the correct author. We consider that the most relevant aspect of our work is the small number of linguistic features and the use of the same framework to solve both(More)
This paper presents a model and an application that can be used to assess chat conversations according to their content, which is related to a number of imposed topics, and to the personal involvement of the participants. The main theoretical ideas that stand behind this application are Bakhtin's polyphony theory and Tannen's ideas related to the use of(More)