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In this paper we present an application for identifying archaisms and neologisms in texts. The application also provides the ability to view graphically the evolution trends of these words for a better interpretation of the results. The presented solution consists of two phases: the learning phase in which we identify the general evolution trends of three(More)
Discourse in instant messenger conversations (chats) with multiple participants is often composed of several intertwining threads. Some chat environments for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) support and encourage the existence of parallel threads by providing explicit referencing facilities. The paper proposes a discourse model for such(More)
In this paper is presented a novel dialogistic, socio-cultural perspective and an associated software tool, which provide structured visualisation and analysis means of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning chat conversations. The implemented tools use knowledge-based techniques and are based on Bakhtin's dialogistic paradigm. They visualize the(More)
Students and members of communities of practice are often using online conversations to enhance their knowledge and skills. Although there have been a lot of efforts to find an efficient method for analyzing this type of discussions, most of the research has been mostly theoretical or has not been transformed into software due to technological limitations.(More)