Tracy Washburn

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When grown in the absence of light, Arabidopsis thaliana deetiolated (det) mutants develop many of the characteristics of lightgrown plants, including the development of leaves and chloroplasts, the inhibition of hypocotyl growth elongation, and elevated expression levels of light-regulated genes. We show here that darkgrown wild-type seedlings exhibit(More)
primary and secondary fates. The mechanism driving this feedback loop has been *Department of Molecular and Cell Biology University of California further explored in C. elegans (Wilkinson et al., 1994). In this example, the two equivalent precursor cells that Berkeley, California 94720 † The Jackson Laboratory are choosing between the primary anchor cell(More)
The choice between the alphabeta or gammadelta T cell fates is influenced by the production of functional, in-frame rearrangements of the TCR genes, but the mechanism that controls the lineage choice is not known. Here, we show that T cells that are heterozygous for a mutation of the Notch1 gene are more likely to develop as gammadelta T cells than as(More)
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