Tracy Proctor

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PURPOSE To describe strategies used by tutors teaching adults with learning disabilities to use desktop virtual environments and to investigate their effectiveness by examining changes over time in tutor and learner behaviour. METHOD Twenty adults with learning disabilities spent 12 sessions with one of four non-disabled tutors learning to use desktop(More)
Health care costs continue to rise because increased demand for services and limited budgets put pressure on resources, however efficiently they may be used. Proposes discrete event simulation as an effective tool in the search for more efficient health care systems. Looks at the application of a desktop computer simulation package to model part of a(More)
Surgical treatment can be planned well in advance or arrive in a near emergency. If careful control is not exercised there is always the possibility that patients may suffer as a result. Discrete event simulation is an effective tool which can be used to find the most efficient ways of managing such a service's timetable. Examines the application of a(More)
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