Tracy MacLeod

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The male hypermethylated (MHM) region, located near the middle of the short arm of the Z chromosome of chickens, consists of approximately 210 tandem repeats of a BamHI 2.2-kb sequence unit. Cytosines of the CpG dinucleotides of this region are extensively methylated on the two Z chromosomes in the male but much less methylated on the single Z chromosome in(More)
It has been suggested that iconic graphical signs evolve into symbolic graphical signs through repeated usage. This article reports a series of interactive graphical communication experiments using a 'pictionary' task to establish the conditions under which the evolution might occur. Experiment 1 rules out a simple repetition based account in favor of an(More)
To study the development of graphical conventions we had members of a simulated community play a series of graphical interaction games with partners drawn from the same pool (Experiment 1). Once the community was established, a conventional graphical referring scheme emerged that facilitated high levels of semantic coordination, with reduced communicative(More)
Gerry Altmann Kathryn Bock Marc Brysbaert Manuel Carreiras Chuck Clifton Martin Corley Matt Crocker Eugene Dawydiak Janet Fodor Fernanda Ferreira Angela Friederici Simon Garrod Ted Gibson Barbara Hemforth Yuki Kamide Frank Keller Gerard Kempen Lars Konieczny Vincenzo Lombardo Maryellen McDonald Brian McElree Don Mitchell Linda Moxey Wayne Murray Neal(More)
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