Tracy Lyons

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This thesis explores fabrication methods and characterization of novel materials used in field effect transistors, including metallic nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and graphene. Networks of conductive nanotubes are promising candidates for thin film electrode alternatives due to their desirable transparency, flexibility, and potential for large-scale(More)
A feedback loop between regional scale deforestation and climate change was investigated in an experiment using novel, small size airborne platforms and instrument setups. Experiments were performed in a worldwide unique natural laboratory in Western Australia, characterized by two adjacent homogeneous observation areas with distinctly different land use(More)
Methane cold seep systems typically exhibit extensive buildups of authigenic carbonate minerals, resulting from local increases in alkalinity driven by methane oxidation. Here, we demonstrate that modern seep authigenic carbonates exhibit anomalously low clumped isotope values (Δ47), as much as ∼0.2‰ lower than expected values. In modern seeps, this range(More)
A refined model for the solution structure of oxidized putidaredoxin (Pdxo), a Cys4Fe2S2 ferredoxin, has been determined. A previous structure (Pochapsky et al. (1994) Biochemistry 33, 6424-6432; PDB entry ) was calculated using the results of homonuclear two-dimensional NMR experiments. New data has made it possible to calculate a refinement of the(More)
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