Tracy Kwei-Liang Ho

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This book provides ample coverage of theoretical and experimental state-of-the-art work as well as new trends and directions in the biometrics field. It offers students and software engineers a thorough understanding of how some core low-level building blocks of a multi-biometric system are implemented. While this book covers a range of biometric traits,(More)
Childhood antibiotic exposure has been recently linked with increased risk of metabolic disease later in life. A better understanding of this association would potentially provide strategies to reduce the childhood chronic disease epidemic. Therefore, we explored the underlying mechanisms using a swine model that better mimics human infants than rodents,(More)
Cancer research has been an interesting and challenging research area in the field of medical science. Classification techniques have been found useful in early diagnosis of cancer and better treatment. For diagnosis of cancer various classification methods are used but they suffer with one or more disadvantages. In this paper ensemble based classification(More)
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