Tracy K Pettinger

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In 2000, the National Institute of Health launched the National Nanotechnology Initiative to support, coordinate, and advance research and development of nanoscale projects. The impact of this new program on health-science related research and development became quickly visible. Broad governmental financial support advanced the start of new, and the(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based guidelines recommend against discontinuation of oral anticoagulation therapy during most dental procedures because severe bleeding complications are rare and there is an increased risk for thromboembolic events in patients for whom warfarin therapy is interrupted. Although interruption of oral anticoagulation and bridge therapy(More)
Given the high costs of conducting a drug-response trial, researchers are now aiming to use retrospective analyses to conduct genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify underlying genetic contributions to drug-response variation. To prevent confounding results from a GWAS to investigate drug response, it is necessary to account for concomitant(More)
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