Tracy Holt

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INTRODUCTION Alterations of serum metabolites may allow us to identify individuals with lung cancer and advance our understanding of the nature and treatment of their cancer. We aimed to identify serum metabolites that differentiate patients with lung cancer from at-risk controls. METHODS Serum samples from patients with biopsy-confirmed untreated stage I(More)
BACKGROUND The degeneration of red blood cells (RBCs) during storage is a major issue in transfusion medicine. Family studies in the 1960s established the heritability of the RBC storage lesion based on poststorage adenosine triphosphate (ATP) concentrations. However, this critical discovery has not been further explored. In a classic twin study we(More)
BACKGROUND The transfusion of red blood cells (RBCs) with maximum therapeutic efficacy is a major goal in transfusion medicine. One of the criteria used in determining stored RBC quality is end-of-storage hemolysis. Between donors, a wide range of hemolysis is observed under identical storage conditions. Here, a potential mechanism for this wide range is(More)
AIM Metabolic profiling was performed on plasma samples obtained prior to and during radiation therapy (RT) for locally advanced lung cancer to identify metabolites predictive of RT-induced esophagitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients received cisplatin/etoposide with RT as part of a prospective dose-escalation study (n=24). Plasma samples were collected at(More)
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