Tracy Fasolino

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Clinical unit nurse characteristics, practice environment, and team member effectiveness are assumed to play a critical role in medication safety. This study used a multimethod approach to examine the association of these factors with medication errors. Findings suggested that older, more experienced registered nurses made less medication errors.(More)
We empirically examined the impact of virtual human animation on the emotional responses of participants in a medical virtual reality system for education in the signs and symptoms of patient deterioration. Participants were presented with one of two virtual human conditions in a between-subjects experiment, static (non-animated) and dynamic (animated). Our(More)
Patient safety within hospitals is a growing concern in the medical community, since adverse events in hospitals often lead to prolonged stays due to complications, or patient death. Unfortunately, registered nurses fail to recognize the subtle changes and trends of deteriorating patients, possibly due to lack of repetitive and interactive continuing(More)
Realistic versus stylized depictions of virtual humans in simulated inter-personal situations and their ability to elicit emotional responses in users has been an open question for artists and researchers alike. We empirically evaluated the effects of near visually realistic vs. non-realistic stylized appearance of virtual humans on the emotional response(More)
Sexual risk behavior is a public health problem among adolescents living at or below poverty level. Approximately 1 million pregnancies and 3 million cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are reported yearly. Parenting plays a significant role in adolescent behavior, with mother-adolescent sexual communication correlated with absent or delayed(More)
We present the results of a user study performed within a multitask healthcare simulation, where nurses are required to care for virtual patients within a 3D virtual environment while recording data in a 2D graphical user interface (GUI) based electronic health record system, presented in a dual display visual layout. We evaluated whether a traditional(More)
Osteoporosis is typically associated with women, but men can also be affected. Less is known about the factors influencing the development of osteoporosis in the male population. This pilot study attempted to identify variables associated with osteopenia or osteoporosis in men. The 101 male participants completed a questionnaire that examined modifiable and(More)
A retrospective chart review was conducted to determine the impact of nursing surveillance on rapid deterioration. Data were collected on vital signs, recognition of mentation changes, and assessment of urinary output. Specific components of nursing surveillance that permit recognition of deteriorating patients remain unclear.