Tracy Erin Alpert

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PURPOSE To compare outcomes of salvage mastectomy (SM) and salvage breast-conserving surgery (SBCS) and study the feasibility of SBCS. METHODS AND MATERIALS Of 2,038 patients treated with breast-conserving therapy at Yale-New Haven Hospital before 1999, 166 sustained an ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR). Outcomes and prognostic factors of(More)
OBJECT The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of Gamma Knife surgery (GKS) in treating patients with trigeminal neuralgia (TN). Preliminary results of this study were previously reported. The updated results are reported in this paper. METHODS Ninety seven patients with TN refractory to medical or surgical management underwent GKS between(More)
Recent studies suggest that radiation therapy (RT) dose escalation in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is feasible when 3-dimensional therapy is used. However, the accompanying prolongation of the treatment course when standard fractionation is used could be suboptimal from a practical and biologic standpoint. We report results of a compressed(More)
PURPOSE The supraglottic larynx has rich lymphatic drainage, resulting in a high incidence of occult cervical metastases, and the optimal treatment of the clinically uninvolved neck in supraglottic laryngeal cancer remains controversial. Selected retrospective series report a greater than 20% regional failure after treatment by radiotherapy alone, and some(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this review is to quantify the response to radiotherapy delivered early in the active inflammatory phase of moderate-to-severe Graves' ophthalmopathy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review of radiotherapy delivered early in the active phase of Graves' ophthalmopathy was performed. All 47 cases had moderate-to-severe(More)
A primary spindle cell sarcoma of the sella turcica in a patient without a history of radiation treatment is a very rare occurrence. Only one other case has been reported to date, with local recurrence 7 months after the patient underwent subtotal resection and stereotactic radiosurgery of the tumor. The authors present a case of spindle cell sarcoma of the(More)
BACKGROUND Brief tools are needed to screen oncology outpatients for depressive symptoms. METHODS Patients starting radiotherapy for the first diagnosis of any tumor completed distress screening tools, including the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), the 2-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-2), the National Comprehensive Cancer Network(More)
OBJECT The authors sought to evaluate the initial response of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) to gamma knife surgery (GKS) based on the number of shots delivered and radiation dose. METHODS Between September 1998 and September 2003, some 63 patients with TN refractory to medical or surgical management underwent GKS at Upstate Medical University. Ten patients(More)
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